I got pumped to do my own nails and then it came and I got lazy and decided my shirt nails are fine and I ll stick with my Color Street nails. Mission Hills Ranch. West 46 past 2722 and Oak Run.
New Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Palette and New Elizabeth Arden Red Lipstick. Pic below shows colors. $10.00. No Holds Quick Sale pick up near Fair Grounds.
Tan seat and red bed body excellent condition( ebay's price $1500.00 ) selling for $1200.00.New.call if interested 830_743_8069.
Wooden Glass Case open on top with New Makeup Brushes and Holder. $10.00 Pickup Near Fair Grounds. NO Holds Quick Sale. Additional Pics Below
Set of New "TruBeauty" Makeup Brushes along with "Fossil" Makeup Bag. Additional Pics Below.$12.00. Pickup Near Fair Grounds No Holds Quick Sale
Urban decay, the Kristen Leanne palette. Friend moved and didn't want it so I'm selling it. I'm unfamiliar with what the shades should look like. I accept PayPal and Apple pay as well as cash.
By Style essentials. One shade swatched otherwise new. I accept PayPal and Apple pay as well as cash.
Urban decay discontinued Electric palette. Wasn't mine, lightly used. I take PayPal and Apple pay as well as cash.
New Smashbox Eye Palette Petal Metal . $10.00 No Holds Quick pickup Near Fair Grounds. Additional Pics Below.
New Smashbox Eye Palette Minimalist . $10.00 additional pics below. No Holds Quick Pickup behind fair ground.